Identifying the major trends on your market, knowing the offer and demand in order to determine your positioning consequently.

    A market research consists in deciphering a market in every shape and form, particularly to measure the market share of a specific customer base for a product, an offer, a concept…

    The personalized support we provide to entrepreneurs generally consists in regular reunions during which we mention the different approaches to adopt in order to enhance your project.

    The collaborative aspect of this kind of mission is essential and takes the form of an experiences exchange between the client and its project managers from ESCP Europe Conseil, whose formation and ideas, often complementary with the client’s, allow the latter to maximise its chance of success in his project.


    Identifying the major trends on your market
    Presenting an overview of the offer and demand on the desired market
    Adjusting your positioning consequently


    So that the market research is the most exhaustive, ESCP Europe Conseil project managers use various techniques:

    • Document researches

    This technique is relevant when it comes to finding information and macroeconomic indicators (growth rate of a sector, major trends etc.). To do so, we will build on the profuse resources of ESCP Europe. In particular, we have access to professional databases such as Xerfi, Kompass, Euromonitor, Business Source Complete or Factiva, that are true goldmines.

    • Questionnaire administrations

    In order to collect directly the data, we regularly build our own questionnaires or interview guidelines and administrate them on a specific target, whether it is face to face or by phone.

    • Mystery calls and visits

    To obtain quality information and highlight relevant conclusions, ESCP Europe project managers put into practice what they’ve learnt during their worldwide renowned marketing and statistic courses.

    Do you need a market research?