Companies do benchmark to challenge themselves and to pursue their quest for excellence.

    Being aware of the trend of your sector and, more precisely of your competitors’ practices is crucial for your company to improve both its performance and its competitively.


    Compare yourself to the best of your business’s sector
    Think about this reference and get inspiration from it
    Reach excellence and surpass your competitors


    Our project managers choose criteria and guidelines for the benchmark. For each company they realize a detailed summary with all of the key information about its position on the market, its financial statement, its trend and its actuality.
    The deliverables that we hand in at the end of the study are articulated in four parts:
    • legal and financial indications about the company, including its legal form, its main financial ratios and the evolution of its financial health over the last years;
    • the commercial (product range, sectors…) and geographical (region, country, Europe, world…) positioning of the company;
    • the strategic orientations in terms of positioning, growth and commercial performance concerning the areas of activity of the firm;
    • news events related to the company, such as recent acquisitions or intern restructurations.

    Do you need a benchmark?