Identification of your needs

    The first step consists in knowing you better. We work together on identifying your needs after a first phone call or a first physical meeting. That initial contact is essential to the definition of your problem regarding the envrionment in which you evolve, the constraints you have to face and the ambitions you harbour.


    Writing and mailing of the commercial proposal

    After your first request, we usually make an estimate that sets out clearly the objective of the mission, the context and the methodology implemented to answer your needs. There is also the calendar and an estimation of the budget.


    Operational phase

    We are in charge of the missions’ supervision and implementation from the beginning to the end. For some specific missions (quantitative surveys) we recruit and train pollsters from ESCP.

    Most of the time, this operational phase consists in gathering information from different sources : surveys, phone surveys, documentary reasearches, focus groups… The large scape of our methods allows us to satisfy all of your needs.


    Data analysis and results synthesis

    The synthesis is written on the basis of the full set of data gathered through the mission. It is a milestone in the mission, where only our project managers can intervene. All the more so that the whole point is to answer your initial problem with operational and strategic recommendations.

    The essence of our engagement itself appears through these recommendations. The aim is to help you solve a concrete issue by making a direct operational impact on your activity



    Final meeting to give the deliverables

    Our final meeting takes place in order to give you our feeling about the mission and our final recommendations.