ESCP Europe Conseil is glad to officially disclose the opening of its London branch

    ESCP Europe Conseil

    ESCP EUROPE Conseil UK is a branch of ESCP EUROPE Conseil created in 2020 in London. We are a student company observing the basics of the Parisian institution and having at our disposal an international team able to intervene all in Europe and in the world. Our place in the heart of the city of London enables us to deal with British issues and even intertwined Franco-British ones. At last, our members’ great diversity contributes to enhancing the impact of our interventions in the plurality of European countries. 

    Our skills mainly include the fulfilment of personalized market studies which correspond as much as possible to our customers’ profiles, may they be companies in training, SMB or major firm. We want to supply a quality work which satisfy all the needs from our customers.