How does our Junior Enterprise work ?

    Established in 1972, ESCP Europe Conseil is ESCP Europe’s Junior Enterprise. As a genuine student managed consulting firm, we bring miscellaneous solutions to our clients’ issues, whether it comes down to entrepreneurs, SMEs or major groups of the CAC40.

    Our special features

    Founded in 1972, ESCP Europe Conseil has been growing ever since  and entered the 2017 list of the 30 best French Junior Enterprises, established by the CNJE.

    In order to achieve this result, we accomplish over a hundred studies for clients with multifarious profiles: from major groups of the CAC40 to SMEs or freelancers. We bring numerous and customized solutions to their issues: benchmark, business plan, market study, traduction, satisfaction inquiry and mystery shopping, are all part of our solution area.

    This advancement is the result of our great reactivity since we commit to delivering a commercial proposal in a 48 hours period. But also our constant effort towards more precision and a higher level of requirement, with the ultimate aim to consistently increase our clients’ satisfaction level.

    Located in the heart of London, we rely on the excellence of our academic background (in 2018, the MiM program of ESCP Europe was ranked 5th worldwide by the Financial Times), as well as the trainings provided by our prestigious partners such as Oliver Wyman or the BCG, in order to best meet our clients’ demands.

    The departments

    Business development department
    The members of this department aim to develop the ESCP Europe Conseil commercial activity, while encouraging customer loyalty and soliciting new customers.
    Quality department
    This department is at the core of our professional and associative processes. Professional, as every commercial document we send you has to be read again and validated by the department. Associative because this department actively prepares the yearly CNJE audit, essential for us to pursue our activity.
    IT & Communication department
    The IT & Communication department has to create and bring a community together around ESCP Europe Conseil, through the daily management of its website, social networks, media relations, and occasionally with the organisation of events.
    It manages the relations with our partners as well: the BCG, Oliver Wyman, and CapGemini Consulting.

    Our story

    • 1972
      Creation of our Junior-Enterprise
    • 1999
      ESCP - EAP merging process
    • 2012
      Doubling the turnover
    • 2017
      The launch of the Business Track
    • 2018
      Creation of an office in London

    Creation of our Junior-Enterprise

    Faithful to its world first's business school status (the school was created in 1819 by a pool of economists and businessmen such as Jean-Baptiste Say and Vital Roux), ESCP is one of the first French business schools to give birth to a Junior-Enterprise in 1972. Only 3 years after the creation of the "Confédération National des Junior Enterprises".

    ESCP - EAP merging process

    In 1999, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants to stimulate the French Business school's ecosystem. It thus pledges for the ESCP-EAP merging to subsequently give birth to ESCP-EAP European School of Management. ESCP Europe Junior-Enterprise hugely benefits from the merger : it can now recruit way more pollsters for its missions and deploy its activity throughout Europe.

    Doubling the turnover

    The year 2012 is a cornerstone in ESCP Europe Conseil’s history. Under the impetus of determined and charismatic students, the association is taken to a whole new dimension. Within 1 year, the number of missions accomplished was doubled and the turnover was raised up by more than 100%. The next mandates inherit of a booming structure they will keep fostering.

    The launch of the Business Track

    Since the start of the school year 2017-2018, our junior consultants can benefit from a special academic career. It is based on the apprenticeship’s rythme, between lecture period and period uniquely dedicated to the Junior Consulting group. The stake is both to free some time for our professional activity and to optimise our education by prioritising the most relevant subject areas, such as finance and negotiation.

    Creation of an office in London

    The 2017-2018 mandate’s other major innovation is the opening of an office in London. This project corresponds to ESCP’s willingness to spread light on its associations thanks to its 6 European campuses. This raises up multidimensional stakes : legally, logistically financially and also commercially speaking. To face it up and allow the operational launch of the structure, a delegation composed by 10 of our consultants will exclusively work on it from January to May 2018.

    Our partners